Our Family


It all started when...

Our Peculiar Family got its start when Mike married Carol. Ten children later, the Macy family was complete! It very quickly became apparent that we were one rather peculiar family, and not just because we home-schooled or had a large family. Rather it seemed that although we didn't excel in the traditional math and spelling, we majored in music, art and incredible gluten free desserts. 

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When the fifth little Macy, Elisabeth, was 12, Mom Carol encouraged her to ask for art lessons as she showed a definite inclination toward art and crafty things. Immediately it was obvious that Elisabeth loved her lessons and excelled at them. Soon her slightly older brother, Caleb, asked if he, too, could take lessons. He did, and also loved and excelled in them. Then another two, Melissa and Hannah, said that they'd also really like to learn to draw. They quickly caught on, and soon the four youngest, Josiah, Christiana, Daniel, and Susanna, were also drawing or painting. By that time, their wonderful art teacher, Alicia Garver, had declared that our family "just sees differently!" 

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet, with a few nuts.
— Les Dawson

We have come to realize that our eyes see beauty that others sometimes miss. In that beauty we see purpose and meaning. From a decrepit old building or the many colors found on a rusty old car, to the barren stillness of our desert valley to a wondering child's face, we believe the world around us reflects the beauty and glory of its Creator. Something deep within us longs to capture what we see and then to share it with others, so they too, may "see it" with us.