Art Courses

Beginning Graphite Drawing


In our Beginning Drawing course, we lay the foundation for all the rest of our classes. We will focus on the importance of truly seeing, and spend the course training students to rely on their eyes instead of their memory while drawing. The first few weeks of this eight-week course will be spent in learning exercises to help enforce students’ dependence on their eyes. Each student will then choose an animal that they would like to draw in graphite and will learn how to apply the proper shading and texture needed to achieve a realistic outcome in their art.

All supplies included with class fee


Pen and Ink


Using a dipping pen and ink, we will spend several weeks exploring the many different techniques used to create art with this medium. Students will learn how to use stipple, cross-hatch, dry-brush and more. Once the student has chosen a subject for their main project, they will learn how to apply the various techniques they have been taught in an actual piece of art. Although in this class we will be focusing on a realistic outcome, these techniques are often used in illustrations. Students will find that what they learn here can also be used in other mediums and art forms.

This is a fun medium to learn! Due to the nature of ink though, we do recommend that students either wear clothes they are okay with getting ink on, or bring an apron, just in case.

All supplies are included in class fee.


Colored Pencil


In this class we will learn about the wonderful world of color!

We will go over the basics of color theory and each student will create their own color wheel before starting on a more in-depth project. Students will also be encouraged to think creatively when choosing their subject for this course. Whether students pick an animal, plant life, or still life, and whether they choose to draw a single subject or combine multiple references, they are sure to have fun and learn a lot!

Fee includes the use of supplies at class.


Graphite Portrait Drawing


This class will be entirely devoted to the human face. We will study the eyes, nose, and mouth individually and discuss how to accomplish a realistic drawing rather than a caricature. Our focus during this course will be on accurately capturing both the subject’s features and their expression.

All supplies are included in class fee.